Dr. Stefanie Wiesner

Phone: +49 241 9631 207


Dr.-Ing. Stefanie Wiesner studied materials science at the RWTH Aachen University. During her studies, she gained theroretical as well as practial experience within the field of the coating technolgies PVD and thermal spraying.


After her Master‘s degree in 2011, she worked as a resarch assistent at the Surface Engineering Institute of RWTH in the reseach group „brazing technology“. In 2013, she became head of the research group and could expand her knowledge in the fields of research and development, project management and realisation of innovative research ideas in bilateral R&D projects with industrial partners as well as in publicly funded projects. The focus of her work was on the mechanical properties and service life of brazed joints, repair processes for turbine blades and brazing processes for ceramic/ metal joints for solid fuel cells. She gained her doctoral degree in this field in 2017. Since November 2019, she works at EurA AG in Aachen as a project and network manager.


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