Innovation through bionics



Nearly two thirds of all German companies regularly place innovative products on the market that sustainably secure their competitive position. Innovation can apply to the goods and services of the organisation, but also to the ways these services are rendered.


The innovation object can be clearly defined:


Product innovation: Products can be material products as well as immate­rial services, that meet the customers‘ needs and are therefore bought. Companies make money with the product innovations and use them to differentiate themselves from the competitors.


Process innovation: The way how produces are generated, or services are rendered is innovated. Product innovations, quality intensification or cost reductions often go along with process or technology innovations.


As can be seen in the figure, the innovation process can be continuous by learning in the organisation or from the competitors. However, by following this route, the competitors can’t be outperformed. In contrast to this, the network “InduBi” wants to achieve radical and abrupt leap innovations by using biomimetic approaches. Optimised solutions from nature are the basis to strongly improve technical products and services.


The network aims to successfully establish biomimetic solutions as an effective instrument of innovation leadership – especially for small and medium-sized companies. As an international network, InDuBi will support the small and middle-sized companies within the network to find international partners and to identify new markets for their biomimetically innovated products and services.


In order to increase the range of applications for the biomimetic structures and surfaces developed in this network, the biomimetic solutions demonstrated to date only in laboratory scale will be developed for industrial applications under realistic conditions.


This will be supported within the network by the initiation of R&D projects in which biomimetic solutions will be developed for concrete technical products. The acquired public funding as well as the collaboration with renowned research institutions within the network makes the cost- and time-intensive R&D activities in this innovative field possible.


The network consolidates experts in different fields and finds development partners, users and potential clients that must ideally be coordinated to ensure a target-oriented development and operation of the innovative products and services. The aim is to achieve a significant development stimulus for the network partners by means of international cooperative projects.


In accordance with the network vision and targets and in order to enable the research and development activities in the field of biomimetic solutions for technical applications, the network promotes and stimulates the international exchange between companies and research institutions from diverse fields of activities. Thus, the partners benefit from the high innovation level of biomimetic solutions as well as from international market knowledge and positioning.


The network InduBi focusses on research and development ideas with high chances of success and market opportunities. The biomimetic solutions within the network will contribute notably to the preservation of resources and energy.


The network focusses on the management of liquids in technical applications by means of biomimetic structures and surfaces. During the production process of technical products as well as in the following operation, liquids play an important part. Partly, the liquids are used with intention as cooling or friction reduction agent. Partly, they lead to unwanted effects such as corrosion or freezing of important components.


The projects planned within the network are manifold and come from diverse industrial sectors. They can be divided in two main topics concerning the management of liquids in production and operation. Additionally, comprehensive questions concerning suitable and economic application methods for biomimetic structures are developed. A selection of possible research topics is listed below:

  • Development of economic application methods for large-area biomimetic structures by means laser or casting processes
  • Oil/water separation by means of biomimetic textiles
  • Solid/liquid filtration by means of a biomimetic cross-flow filter
  • Surface properties: reversible adhesion, non-stick surfaces, low friction surfaces…
  • Biomimetic anti-erosion structures on the inner surfaces of cast parts


Today's economy is global and so is the competition, especially for exporting nations like Germany. Competitiveness depends, among many other factors, on knowledge of the market. Each market has its own characteristics, be it infrastructure-related or due to market entry barriers such as legal regulations, approvals, etc. The knowledge of the key players, the expectations of the customers/users is particularly valuable and facilitates the rerailing of production, sales and marketing measures in terms of content and time and accelerates and secures a targeted market penetration. Here, the exchange with the international partners within the network will be particularly useful in order to gain knowledge of the respective national markets and, if necessary, to gain direct market access by means of direct cooperation for the distribution of the approaches jointly developed within the network.


National and foreign companies each have their own special know-how, products, processes and services. Not everyone manufactures all components themselves, as the vertical range of manufacture would be too high and thus uneconomic. Moreover, not all steps along the value chain can be brought up to the level of advanced technology in every company. Especially within the network, an exchange of know-how or services between the partners can take place in a spirit of trust, with the aim of jointly developing bionic solutions for technical challenges that affect both partners. Due to the common topic or the bionic solution approach there is room for cross-border cooperation within the network.


The same applies to research institutions. These too have their own research priorities, which can be integrated in a complementary way or have already led to top-class results that can now be implemented in innovative products and processes.


The network promotes the exchange between all network actors, be they companies or research institutions. The knowledge of who is leading in which field is a valuable benefit for securing the strategic success factors time and costs.



Our network partners are small and medium-sized companies and research institutions from all over Germany.


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